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Ferrero Rocher- The Cupcake

I have fancier tastes than I sometimes like to admit. Champagne taste, beer budget, right? The boyfriend constantly makes fun of me for weird things I own, or flavors I enjoy- “You didn’t have to spend that long on dinner; I would have been happy with frozen vegetables cooked in Bragg’s.”

Um. I know, that would have been fine for me, too, but if I can spend the hour and make v/gf eggplant parm, why the hell not? RIGHT?!

Yeah. So sometimes we eat at 10pm, but that’s okay, because it’s always delicious. I got done with work really early today, and decided that mocha hazelnut cupcakes would be a stellar use of my time.

Oh, they were. They are delicious. I am very excited about eating all of these cupcakes. Forever. I used a recipe that I’ve never made, and I ground up some toasted hazelnuts to make flour, and what an awesome idea that was. I am a smart gal, and I like my sweets.

I’ll post the recipe for those later tonight, along with the eggplant parm recipe. It’s not really a true parm, as there’s no parmesan in it, but we should call it that anyway, because it’s better than “breaded eggplant, sauce, and fake cheese in a pyrex”. Also good with chicken!

I’ve got to say, I’m really sorry about the lack of updates. Really. It has been difficult to cook real things for the past few weeks, because of how hot it has been. We’ve made the same three things, over and over, and I already posted the recipes for those things, and so..I feel kind of bad.

Someone I don’t know just told me I could sell my cupcakes, though. Bonus!

Alright. This is all over the place. If you’re reading still, let me know!

  1. 07/23/2010 at 10:02 pm

    What does one have to do to get one of said cupcakes?

  2. 07/23/2010 at 11:08 pm


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