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Friday is generally the beginning of food time for me. During the week I don’t eat breakfast, and I sometimes skip lunch, and then dinner is thrown together, unless I’m eating with someone else. Really, weekdays are just not awesome food days. Whenever I brag about weekday food, it usually means something else happened around it- a birthday, a friend date, a slasher flick from my queue arrived early.

The weekends, though. I don’t work on Saturdays, which means that Friday night into Saturday all day long I get to eat whatever I want, and cook meals that take forever, and eat two desserts and breakfast pie! I have no moral problem with that during the week, I’m usually just too tired to think about making pie in the first place, let alone wake up in time to have it for breakfast.

We have a few dinner standards that get recycled with new stuff pretty frequently, and pizza is a fast and cheap choice that never disappoints (that’s what she said!). I worked later than usual last night, so we weren’t starting dinner until at least 8:00. We bought everything we needed at the Whole, schlepped it all up the hill, got to the house, and realized as soon as we walked in that we’d forgotten the pizza crust mix.

Of course.

I almost always make my own mixes for things, because I keep a stock of different flours in the house, and I like to have control over what’s going into my food. Also, after this long baking gluten-free, I’ve gotten a pretty good handle on when to use rice flour over corn or almond flour, and what things need tapioca starch, and which ratios go together when. Pizza crust was just one of those things that I never thought to make from scratch gluten-free. I can make it in my sleep with white flour and yeast, and the rising, and the waiting, but without gluten I just thought it would be hard. Yeasty things need a lot of help. Namaste Foods makes a pizza crust mix that is already seasoned, vegan, fast, and not gross. It’s got a little bit of a tangy aftertaste to it, but I thought that was just because that’s what pizza crust had to taste like if you made it without gluten, and we masked it with sauce and toppings.

We didn’t panic. I looked up the ingredients in the Namaste mix, and then I changed them around, and made my own. It was way better. Rock on. Turns out corn flour is way better than rice flour in a pizza crust. Take note, Namaste.

I made chicken thighs in the cast iron skillet that hadn’t been washed out yet, so it tasted like sesame oil and red pepper flakes, and then ripped the chicken into little bite-sized bits. Tomato sauce, chicken, pepper jack rice cheese, and some mozzarella rice shreds, and avocado. Oh, right, I forgot, pizza genius is another title on my resume that I didn’t mention.

I’ll post the crust recipe soon- I need to make it again and write down measurements, because I didn’t actually measure anything. Oh! There were 2 teaspoons of xanthan gum in it. Some arrowroot. Bell’s seasoning. Corn flour.

I just waggled my nose and it appeared, okay?

  1. 05/29/2010 at 9:01 pm

    how did I not realize that you had a blog? you must be a pizza genius, because you succeeded in making me ravenously drooly for gluten free chicken pizza despite the fact that i A) love gluten, and B) don’t eat meat. brilliance!

    • 05/29/2010 at 9:22 pm

      i should be crowned pizza king because of how often i effing own at making it.
      the same cannot be said of nachos. i made a fatal olive mistake once that will never be forgotten.

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