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The Mac’N’Cheese Experiment

I’ve got to say, I was reluctant to start this thing. Really. Everyone and their mother has a blog. I guess in my cranky old man mind, I sometimes think blogging is going to go the way of the paper journal, or worse, Xanga. I couldn’t do that to myself.

But then, something kind of ridiculous happened. The other night, after sitting around watching Ninja Warrior for longer than I’d care to admit, my partner and I made the most delicious meal we’d had in…oh, wait. We eat like kings, every night. I can toot that horn, because it’s awesome. He’s gluten-free, lactose-intolerant, and pretends to be a vegan. I’m not. I’m none of those things. I like to tell people that cooking meals is this big crazy to do, that we have to buy all of these crazy ingredients, and we have to plan ahead for weeks, and we have to call our mothers, and we have to sacrifice animals, and we have to make sure the stars are aligned, but really we just make food and then we eat it.

No one ever believes us. He asked me to start documenting what we eat. Sunday night we made macaroni and cheese, from scratch. It tasted like it was covered in the best spicy nacho cheese you’ve ever had, only better, and not full of movie theatre chemicals. Mmm. We made broccoli and edamame in sesame oil and red chili pepper. We made a black and blueberry pie in an almond crust.

Seriously, kids, who eats like this with the “no animals were harmed during the making of this film” disclaimer? Straight. Up. NO gluten. No dairy, no egg, no animal. And it was super tasty! What? Yeah, it’s surprising to you, but not to me. I make a pie a week, at least, and two trays of marshmallow treats.

Okay, so here’s the deal. I’m not actually gluten-free, but I play that role on TV. My partner is, and what fun is making food when you can’t share it with the person you love? We’re not always vegetarian, because sometimes there’s protein that needs to be eaten. Most recipes here WILL be vegan. I’m not just going to break out an egg for funsies. I’ll warn in advance if it’s a chicken or fish thing, and if that doesn’t work, how about you all let me know, okay?

One of these days, I’ll tell you about how I’m developing a gluten intolerance because of my partner. It’s a fun story.

And next post will be the mac’n’cheese recipe, and my go-to easy summer pie.

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